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This blog came up while I was reading one of Brian Brady's blogs: I may be new here but it seems like there is a pretty consistent group of fun and interesting bloggers/commenters here on AR.  Everyone seems to get along and loves to share ideas for the most part (except for maybe a plagarism arg...
The lifeline of our business: Reinforcement is a change in the environment causing the rate of behavior responses of the subject to remain the same or increase. There are two types of behavioral reinforcers.Positive reinforcement changes the animal's surroundings by adding an appetitive stimulus:...
By the numbers Market summary: Sales:-67% ... Sales:YTD 2006(181), YTD 2005(476) ... inventory +175% from 2005 ... average DOM(83) ... price reductions (lots of 'em) ...These are some of the bleak numbers in my area as of August. So what is to be said of our market as a whole. Will 2007 be the ye...
Previously I may have stated that I didn't believe MySpace to be an effective form of networking and marketing.  Now I must reanalyze my thinking.  Although I sought out this person to answer their question, this situation may very well lead into a great referral opportunity.  On a simple post as...
This Sunday, I will once again be doing something that, by definition, should be driving people to the doorstep of my listing.  I've announced this ritual in the paper, personally invited other potential clients, posted this info on the MLS and several other websites.  I will drive around the nei...
Time for some fun!!  Here is a real estate joke I found online.  You guys post yours too(try to keep it clean).  Life is too short and our business is too hard to not laugh a little.***An elderly client walks into the office of the agent who just sold her new home furiously and throws the flowers...
I can safely say, that in a company of more than 500 people, I am most likely one of the 5 youngest realtors.  In my area, maybe one of the 10 youngest.  I got my license fresh out of college when I was 23.  This truly started out to be a strong disadvantage. 1) Because I didn't have the confiden...
Lets all talk about the pros of "Floor time"  I happen to take more floor time than the average agent in my office.  I would say that i take 7-10 shifts per month, not including the shifts I assign to myself after-hours or before we open.  I got hooked on floor time the second month I took it.  F...
I stumbled upon AR about a month ago.  I was invited through another networking website that was not really for networking but more for gossip.  You may well have heard of "Myspace", well the networking, information, and ideas I get here are so far above.  The other site was like a huge billboard...
I am in need of a few fresh closing ideas.  The git cards and the baskets are nice but they get old too quickly.  I started giving out a book called the "Automatic millionaire Homeowner" by David Bach with my closing gifts but I'm just not sure what I can do that different than the standard stuff...

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