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A blog about the current happenings on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  What's new, where we're going, updates and more...



The ActiveRain Real Estate Network has only been around a few short months and yet quickly it's helped propel many community members to the top of the charts.  The search engine charts that is.  As a consequence of this increased exposure many of us have been found.  Found by those who lost cont...
If you haven't noticed yet, we've decided to feature blog postings by our members about the memories, thoughts and life changes caused by September 11th.  We thought that it would be a fitting tribute to the victims of this tragedy.-Matt Heaton
I just thought I'd let people know ahead of time of a change that will be going into effect early this week, so we don't get hundreds of support emails saying something is broken.  We are going to try targeting the featured profiles displayed on the front page to the state the person viewing the ...
Just a reminder this weeks Carnival of Real Estate is being held over at the Real Estate Tomato Blog.  The deadline to submit your best post for possible inclusion is midnight on Saturday.  I hope to see lots of good material from bloggers on AR submitted as it's a great way to get more exposure ...
Many of you who attempted to reach ActiveRain this morning were greeted with a friendly message "Bad Gateway" and weren't able to login. Sorry about this "our bad."Our hosting provider upgraded our hardware which should speed things up at ActiveRain. Unfortunately we planned for the hardware upgr...
I got posed this question.  How do we decide which blog posts to give that little gold star and make featured.  First off what is a featured blog post?  Featured blog posts appear prominently on the "Blog Dashboard" and we try to rotate the list, so that we display a full new set of posts every t...
This morning I received an email from Terri Sullivan, informing me that Paul Sullins passed away on August, 2nd, at the age of 45, (article here).  Paul was one of the initial members of the ActiveRain Real Estate Network, and had been one of the network's most active members.  Many members proba...
Just a couple of small changes.We were getting a lot of negative feedback about our open ended scoring on blogs (which was actually a mistake on my part but we thought we'd let it slide for a few days) ... so it's back to 3 blogs posts a day for automatic scoring (and 5 a day max). You can now ad...
We put up some settings management for your account today.  You can find it in your menu when logged in: This allows you to do control getting email alerts (in addition to the messages in your My Home inbox) for      Blog Comments Forum Comments Associate Added Associate Blocked Associate UnBloc...
Google 101 Lessons:  How to use inurl to make up for our lacking current site search support. The inurl Google feature is very useful for searching our site (I use this all the time).  We're working on site wide search for ActiveRain but, until we get that done (hopefully next week sometime) you ...

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