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A blog about the current happenings on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  What's new, where we're going, updates and more...



As discussed in a previous post "The blog dumping epidemic" we implemented several changes to the blogging in an attempt to solve some issues brought up by our members.  We implemented a limit of posts within a 24 hour period a member will recieve points for.  We also implemented a cool feature w...
I'm sure some of our members have noticed this.  Occasionally a new member to the network will decide to essentially copy and paste the entire contents of an offsite blog or website into many posts on ActiveRain.  While it's their blog and we want to let them do what they want with it, two issues...
During the last update to ActiveRain on Friday we made several adjustments to scoring and points. These adjustments will NOT effect points previously earned for actions, just for those actions going forward.  Why we do adjustments? Points are intended to be a way to reward people for taking actio...
Thank you members.  So many of you have done your part by taking care of your profiles, blogging regularly and inviting your associates to join.As you know the network is still in Beta at this time.  From time to time things will come up that need addressing.  Many of you have diligently kept on ...
It appears as though the growth of the ActiveRain Real Estate Network is really starting to pick up.  There have been over 70 new signups today alone.  Almost all the new member have come via user referrals/invites.  I put together a couple of quick charts to show the growth of the network during...
Earlier today, Ben Kakimoto wrote a blog post about how his profile on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network is now one of the top ranking pages in Google for the key phrase "John L Scott Seattle", ranking just ahead of his main web site.  Despite the young age of this network (less than 6 weeks) ol...
One of the issues that we knew from we'd have to deal with from the outset of building this network is how to deal with spam within the site.  There is often fine line when it comes to classifying what is spam, especially on a site with a central focus on marketing.  But, I think there obvious ca...

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