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Cow-Branding?  NO. Not Cow Branding! haha~  What is the benefit of Co-Branding?  Well, depending on the site, this could be one of the best opportunities for marketing and advertising your services and or business!?  You already know that millions of people visit YELP to read reviews about local ...
Youtube's NEW Online Video Editing Tools and Features I've been waiting since the launch of Youtube for them to do this.  Now that it's finally in place, I can only imagine that it's just going to get better and become an even more powerful module for Youtube video users.  The new Video editing f...
I want to take a moment here to wish Jon Washburn ALL the very best in his new and future endeavors. Jon Washburn and Bob Stewart brought me into the rain, gave me shelter during the storm, then encouraged and supported me while I helped them build and grow this great network. I owe a great deal ...
Integrating Facebook Into Your Site - It's Time To "Plug-in" Today I'm sharing one of the more powerful ways I know of to drive traffic, increase growth, and encourage engagement on your site. Using Facebook's new social and personalized feature plug-ins can without a doubt be an asset to your so...
Creating great content for your subscribers and readers, (and the search engines) is one of the most important things you can do to be successful with your blogs and websites.  It may not be the most important though...  One of the other major components is the "Call To Action" or the "Opportunit...
The Statistics link on ActiveRain shows how many comments, views, and clicks your blog posts have received over time.  I was actually shocked to see that one of my posts here on ActiveRain had been viewed over 103,000 times yet only had 18 comments. WOW! Now that's some great traffic and exposure...
Where to Find and Use Graphics, Images, and Photos Steven Graham from ActiveRain shared some cool information about photos and images at RainCamp Atlantic City.  He's up on stage right now sharing how and where to find photos and images for FREE and how to post them on your websites and blogs.  I...
Here's some classes, trainings, and special guests I've scheduled for April. There are still a few more to add but hopefully this will be a good start to get some of you going and on-track this month. Many of these have been either suggested, requested, or are back by popular demand.I hope you ca...
Well, I was going to write a post about the Big Zillow Blackberry Launch today but thanks to Sara, I don't have to now. This is awesome news and definitely ReBlog worthy. I just did a Mobile Real Estate Webinar this morning and the question came up (as it always does) "When will you have your app...
Reblogging is one of the best compliments you can give another blogger on ActiveRain.  This applies to any blogging platform for that matter.  What many do not realize is that a reblog is a one way link back to your post giving you (the author) some of the most powerful SEO there is IMHO.  I am ...

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