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Do you know what the symbol pictured above represents? If not, then please continue reading.  If you are like me, you find yourself visiting (more or less) the same websites on a daily basis. This is a time-consuming task. First, I have to remember all the sites I visit. Then I have to remember ...
It wasn't long ago that REALTORS(R) were confronting the idea of "going online" to communicate with their clients. As their clients increasingly utilized the internet to stay in touch, REALTORS(R) were forced to adapt to the technology. Now, increasingly, consumers are finding new ways to commun...
On April 24, 2009, the Pittsburgh Business Times published their list entitled "Largest Pittsburgh-Area Residential Real Estate Firms." This list reflects the performance results for 2008 as reported to the PBT by residential real estate brokers throughout Greater Pittsburgh. Achieve Realty has ...
  First, you have to read the Post-Gazette article, here. Then come back for my analysis. There is an old trick they play in politics, justice and business: if you create doubt in people's minds, they just may not buy into an idea. This doubt is created in many ways. Here are a few examples: Do ...
My interests include Pittsburgh, real estate, web tools that make our lives easier, the economy and personal finance. I’m also fascinated with social networking. If you don’t know what that is, click here for an explanation. I’m pretty skeptical that social networking, by itself, sells houses, bu...
Achieve Realty, Inc. is proud to announce that Dolly Nicely has joined the firm. A successful professional Realtor with genuine client empathy. That best describes Dolly Nicely and her approach to real estate. “An advocate for my clients”, is Dolly’s self-described style and business model. Her ...
For starters, follow the Yield on the 10 Year Treasury Bond For more details, click here here here or here. Follow the market at the Wall Street Journal's Market Center - no subscription required.
At a recent seminar for real estate attorneys, I heard a colleague lament the fact that Pennsylvania attorneys have been nudged out of the residential real estate transaction. Gone are the days when lawyers are a essential cog in the deal. For the foreseeable future, they're not coming back, eit...
First Real Estate Brokerage In Pittsburgh to place web address on sign panel First (and still only) Real Estate Brokerage in Pittsburgh With Web Log (Blog) First High Commission Concept Company in Pittsburgh that charges agents no fee First Real Estate Brokerage In Pittsburgh that doesn't hire n...
Recently, RE/MAX International ran a print ad called, "Brand Matters." The phrase "Brand matters" appears three times throughout the sparsely worded centerfold ad of the October Real Estate Professional Magazine. Apparently, the ad is trying to sell the idea that "brand matters." After I read the...

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