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Today is Memorial Day. It is a day to reflect upon the cost of freedom, a day to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy the liberty to pursue our dreams. However you celebrate this Memorial Day, be safe. Land of the free, and home of the brave
I got this from the Washington Post this morning. The author is Valerie Strauss. Try your hand at this quiz, which will test your knowledge of Memorial Day and U.S. history that led to its establishment and continued observance. Answers, with a bit of history, are below. Memorial Day facts — and...
  I pop into Seattle Aquarium whenever it doesn't look too busy, which means I get there when my walks are early in the morning, right about opening time.  Today I had a close encounter with coral.   A few things about Coral.    Coral reefs are part of the oceans eco system, they are home to many...
Walking on the waterfront in downtown Seattle makes me ponder things I might never ponder at all. I can see the cruise ship as big as any ten story building when it docks. I know the people will disembark, cameras in hand to walkabout, or hop on the sparkly clean white buses waiting to whisk them...
When the sun shines in Seattle, I head outside. Today, we packed up our cooler, grabbed our favorite four legged friend and headed to Golden Gardens Beach in Ballard. A fifteen minute drive north (a doable bike ride from downtown) led us through beautiful and eclectic Ballard. One of the simple j...
I never know for sure what I will see when I look out my windows upon Elliot Bay. I have seen full moons, rainbows, Cruise ships, tug boat races, sail boats and sunsets. Today I witnessed U.S. Coast Guard training maneuvers, including a man lowered….Well, just take a look for yourself   This is ...
    A puget sound exhibit aptly titled Window on Washington Water, is filled with local marine life, and three times daily an underwater expert!   The diver explains the ins and outs of life underwater and interacts with the captive audience through a special built in microphone system, as salmon...
Always on a quest for real estate delights to share, we happened upon a home with some creative attributes to say the least. With a penchant for blue glass and recycling, one outstanding home owner had created a visual delight for anyone who happens by.  My lucky day...            Seattle homes ...
  A graffiti artist in his youth known as TAJ,  Jose Torres Jr. signs this body of work  Tony Taj. His work is recognized and exhibited throughout the United States, and if you look, you might just see his distinctive drip technique hanging in a national restaurant franchise or gracing product pa...
My Excursions throughout Seattle, often end up at two of my favorite places, Seattle Aquarium and Seattle Art Museum. Seattle Art Museum Exhibits challenge the soul to evaluate human characteristics. We all see things in our own special way, and here is an example of someone being inspired and ch...

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