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Services for Real Estate Pros - Mortgage Accelerator 2008
The same groups and agencies which could not see the market top in stocks and housing, cannot now see the ongoing pervasive banking and economic problems which are sure to deliver continued deadly powerful blows to the system. Do not be eluded! Seven straight months of job loss, soaring gasoline ...
  I live in St Louis...and have most of my life. I have been witness to the migration pattern of the creature known as "Ificouldwouldya-coidea". They are a distant cousin to the simian primates of the Old World. In the early years somebody taught them to speak. What a mistake that was. All the su...
Implied obligation...... What does that mean.......I believe that in our professional lives it means we are obligated to inform our clients about their options, and share with them our knowledge first and our opinions second. I believe that for the same reason our clients trust us, we are obligat...
We have this fantasy that all Americans go to college - get a degree and become "white collar "workers who make mega bucks. The reality is not everyone goes to college much less graduates. The reasons are multiple - no desire, lack of financing, different interests, and some people may not have t...
Income statistics don't tell the whole story. Across America, people seem to be making better salaries year after year. The median household income has risen from $36,847 in 1967 to $48,201 in 2006, according to U.S. Census Bureau inflation-adjusted data. Though the bureau doesn't define "middle ...
What I find amazing is the way most Americans pay their bills. How many people do you know, use little or no software to organize their finances? Most Americans pay their bills out of their check book, utilizing their check book registrar as their sole personal accounting device. Many more have l...

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