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Why TEST FOR MOLD? * Fulfill goals of inspection: assess fungal ecology * Confirm that Substance is mold * Identify source (s) of mold * Set baseline for remediation * Evidence for insurance claims * Evidence for litigation What types of test for Mold. 1) Non-Viable Test / Spore Traps            ...
Your vote really count,so please vote today. As we all now that we get very busy doing are work through the day.So please don't forget to vote today. because this election is very important one. If we don't vote we won't be able vote until 2012.So if you haven't voted ,please vote today..   Thank...
What is Kingdom of Fungi? In 1969 the kingdom of fungi added to other Four kingdom of MONERA (bacteria), PROTISTA (amoeba), PLANTAE (plants), and ANIMALIA (animals). The kingdom of fungi is divided into four phyla (or major groups). The four PHYLA of fungi * PHYLUM ZYGOMYCETES example: RHIZOPUS a...
Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is very careful today.Especially with your kids tonight.Because we have lots of crazy driver's tonight. Please don't forget your Flash light very important item.Well have a awesome day with yours kids and family.Be careful..
This week I had several Realtor shopping price's for Home Inspection.All three where looking for the cheapest price possible. Wow...this is very crazy because do know you could be liable for that referral. If I was a Realtor I would get maybe five business card and let the client pick the Home In...
Mold - Mold belongs to the Kingdom of Fungi No Water = No Mold What are common Indoor Biological Contaminantss 1) Pollen                                               2) Insect Parts 3) Bacteria                                           4) Insect Fecaal Matter 5) Viruses                          ...
What does ABC Home Inspections have to offer for Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Sedona, Cottonwood, Camp Verde area's 1) Free Termite inspection with a home inspection 2) 90 day Termite Warranty 3) 90 day Home Warranty 4) ReCall Chek 5) Also ABC Home Inspections is a Certified Mold Insp...
1) ABC Home Inspections has done over 1000 home inspections in Maricopa County and Yavapai County and surrounding areas. 2) A Termite Inspection is included in the Home Inspection. 3) Free Limited 90 Day Home Warranty 4) Free ReCall Chek 5) ABC Home Inspections Certified Mold Inspector 6) Exclusi...
WOW.....I learn so much at Casey, O'malley Home Inspection Conference in Las Vegas.The person learned so much was Home Inspector Pro. I learn so much about important about SEM or SEO.This area is very vital for website and having keys words in your website.Also I learn lots of stuff about home in...
I don't how many times this has happen to me. As a Realtor make sure that all utilities are on for a Home Inspection. Today this has happen again when I arrived at this home. The first thing I do check if the power is on, then the gas is on, and finally see if the water is on. As I was checking t...

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