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Another Active Rain success story! Craig referred me to this buyer almost three years ago. Unfortunately for reasons beyond her control she was not able to qualify. She tried again last year. This time there was a minor issue that needed to be addressed. She contacted me again this year and she w...
An opportunity like this is so rare that I am honored and flattered!  I have been selected to help a fellow US soldier and make a substantial profit in the process.  I'm rich!  I'm rich! Here is the email I received: Hi, I am Sgt.James Cole, a US soldier currently on military assignment here in A...
Current mortgage rate trends remain stable as lack of economic reports this week and pessimism about Europes debt crisis continue.  Thank you Nevin the nerd.  Can you please explain it in English?!  Okay, don't expect much change in mortgage rates.  If there is any change in mortgage rates it wil...
I used to own a real estate investment firm and have purchased a multitude of properties.  Of those, I've purchased a total of four new construction homes. I have had good experiences and bad. See how Garman Homes sizes up by watching this short video. It's important, I think, to share informatio...
What value do you add to separate yourself in business? For me I make time for my clients whether it is a home buyer, home owner, CPA or Realtor®.  I can easily pull credit, quote a rate and push the file through processing.  However, to me that is basic and not service because It's the clients e...
It is Craig Rutman's birthday folks!  Watch this creative, funny and excellent video made by Michael Thornton for Craigs birthday.  LOL I got a kick out of it.  I hope you enjoy!Who IS the Most AWESOME Person Today???      We all know folks who have been known to put the "T" in trouble, but how m...
Housing crisis headlines. Give me a break. Doom and gloom written by people who have never helped someone save their home or helped a young couple avoid disaster by advising them to not buy a home they can't afford. Our housing is actually stable in some metropolitan areas and even growing in ot...
Our dearest Debe Maxwell has a birthday today.  Make sure to stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday!                                             a                    
 What is your competition doing today?  What are you doing today?  Are you making a difference in the world?    I found this to be inspirational  
Yes it is true! HUD wants to make it clear that they appreciate the sacrifices and commitment to keeping communities strong throughout the USA. Law enforcement officers, teachers- pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, firefighters & emergency medical technicians can become homeowners through the G...

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