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I recently helped Ashley and Matt with their home purchase financing.  They had a lot of questions and needed someone to walk them through the "process".  It takes a lot of time for me to do the "walk through" process but in the end those customers end up being lifetime customers and always expre...
Open your umbrella, your wallet and most importantly your heart.  It's been raining on Active Rain, raining really hard! This last quarter has been a soaker!  I was able to send multiple clients to Jason Sardi.  Jason provides excellent service and my our clients love him. Debe Maxwell continues...
I was eating a healthy breakfast this morning watching a financial business channel before getting ready for work when I realized I was forgetting something.  "Oh my gosh, I almost forgot!"  I sprung from my sofa, fired up the computer and put together this little blog post. I almost forgot that ...
This video is a tribute to how awesome people are.  I received it when I went into my Google inbox and after watching it I have to agree.  There is some really cool stuff!  
I received a call from a gentleman named Bill Dandridge in Durham North Carolina.  He was referred to me from another agent who suggested he speak with me regarding a home buyer that was declined financing due to a bankruptcy that had been discharged only 6 months ago.  Knowing that FHA loans wil...
My friend of 27 years, Chris Sylvada is the President of Simple Listings Solutions LLC, a system that allows Realtors to grow their short sale listings by targeting prospects at the beginning of their search for help.  His website says:  If you've been out in the world promoting yourself as a sho...
My IT professional works at a large IT firm in the Research Triangle Park in Raleigh North Carolina.  Knowing that I have experience in this field, one day I got a call from him:  "Nevin, I'm sick of it.  I have been wanting to buy a home and after spending a lot of time researching, I can't seem...
I've found at least a dozen Superbowl predictions from the start of the season on Active rain.  Well, I hate to say I told you so but I told you so!  I predicted my San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens to play in this years Superbowl.  See my blog post prediction from September. I also said t...
I have a Testimonials link in my email signature.  That link directs them to my Active Rain Associations.  When writing comments for an associate, what you write can make a difference.    A lot of AR members say that their clients have been reading their blog for a long time before contacting the...
This has nothing to do with real estate but I thought it was worthy of sharing.  What an amazing technological advancement!    

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