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It is not everyday you come across someone who sees a need and acts selflessly to meet it.  But when it does happen, I think it's a good reminder for the rest of us that we humans are all in this thing called life together.  One class of people are no different than the other.  When someone falls...
By now, we have all heard of the Revolutionary New Tool that is Connecting People all over the World at a rate quicker than many of it’s predecessors.  This website is Twitter. People from all walks of life are now easily able to keep up with or “Follow” what is going on in the lives of their Fri...
Hello everyone, I hope this blog finds you well.  I know with all the market woes right now, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain Real Estate as the only full time job!  Well, maybe that's just in my world... hopefully you all are selling fiends ;).  That being said, there is a new m...
Here is a great article that came from REALTOR.org called Prove You're Not Like The Rest.  It has a few good points on marketing yourself and making yourself stand out in the crowd.  
Work Smart Series: Back to BasicsSay the Right ThingUse these scripts to handle the sticky questions from prospects and you’ll never be left speechless again.  If you’re not prospecting because you’re not sure what to say, fear no more. Here are techniques for handling today’s most common objecti...
Here is some good information about Lease Purchases.  The Rent-to-Own scenario is a good alternative for properties that may be slow to sell. Article 1 Article 2  
 This is my Baby, minus the Multi-Touch Trackpad.  17" Macbook Pro running Leopard but ALSO running Windows XP via Parallels.   Which do YOU prefer?  And why?  What are some advantages to Apple?  What are some advantages to PCs?  Let us dialog! 
I decided to include an article I read yesterday in my first blog post.  It has some great information for both real estate professionals and consumers.  I can't post the actual article here, but you'll find it linked.  I look forward to building community here!

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