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Charlotte has recently been ranked the BEST place to live in America by MarketWatch.com; Simultaneously, we were ranked 9th in Forbes Most Miserable Cities in the US.  So... which is it?  I've seen lots of lots of arguments for why we are great, or why we are miserable, but this problem highlight...
March update to the Charlotte, NC sales trends.  No more filler, just straight to the facts: Total Active Listings in CMLS (March 2007/2008):  25472/29932 –> 17.5% increase in active inventory Total Sold (March 2007/2008): 3573/2659 –> 25.6% decrease in year-over-year sales So, another bad month...
According to Forbes.com, Charlotte, NC is amongst the 10 best places in the nation to buy foreclosure property. They arrived at this conclusion essentially by cross-referencing foreclosure rates in the nation's 100 most populated markets against the Forbes "Best Places" list that they came out wi...
February's CMLS (Carolina MLS) sales data were released on Carolinahome.com recently, so I decided to dig in.  You may remember that my last post was in regard to the January data; this will simply be a continuation of that.  So, without further adieu...In the month of February, CMLS reported 217...
CNNMoney.com reported today that existing home sales (national) slid .4% last month to the lowest level since NAR began recording in 1999. This is disturbing, to say the least. With so many macro-economic factors pointing downward for the US economy, this hardly comes as a surprise.What DOES seem...

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