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"...The first of our senses which we should take care never to let rust through disuse is that sixth sense, the imagination... I mean the wide-open eye which leads us always to see the truth more vividly, to apprehend more broadly, to concern ourselves more deeply, to be, all our life long, sensitive and awake to the powers and responsibilities given to us as human beings." Christopher Fry, playwright, "On Keeping the Sense of Wonder," Vogue, Jan., 1956
Does any of this really surprise anybody?? You are so nieve if you do not realize this is the Way of the World. I've had a theory since the mid 70's that I think is suited to this situation and the Rise and Fall of Socialism. If you made all things equal and gave the remaining three people on ear...
Your personal Journey may be spiritual, physical, or revolve around activities involving family and friends. Your Journey may have taken you to exotic places in search  of paradise. If you have not found what you are looking for then let me show you how to "Complete the Journey" . One-half the mo...

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