“Not following up with your prospects is the same as filling up your bathtub without first putting in the stopper in the drain.” – Michelle Moore It is so, so true.  This is where a lot of Real Estate Agents fail.  Correct that.  This is where all the Real Estate agents out there fail at some po...
“Customer Service” Is Not a Marketing Strategy Hey all you future 4X’ers out there! Thank you for listening to this podcast. I really appreciate it. I am so excited to talk to you today about this subject. This one may smack you in the face a bit….Its ok, I’ll be gentle.  This week after chattin...
Sharpen the Axe "If it is going to take 3 hours to chop down the Tree, then take 2 hours and sharpen the Axe"Anyone that knows me has heard me say this at some point and time. If it takes 3 hours to chop down a tree, then spend 2 hours sharpening the axe.  You know how sometimes you lock on to s...
Maximize your Time... Here is a quote from one of the best success trainers who ever lived….Jim Rohn…. “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”  Years ago, when I was in a mode of filling my brain intensely, and I was just consuming everything that I could get my hands on….I created a readi...
Consistency is the key to enjoying the dream real estate business.  Its funny people who are enjoying the real estate business are just, kind of doing their thing....they don't think about it.  But if you were to break it down to the one thing that contributed mostly to their success....and that ...
What does it mean to be a 4X Agent? What are the characteristics of the 4X Agent?  Who do you become?  I came up with 9 critical facets that I believe are extremely important in order to enjoy a successful Real Estate career and enjoy the Dream Business. Here are the 9 facets that we need to int...
Subscribe: iTunes | Sticher | Google Play “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have” – Thomas Jefferson This is a saying that I have seen over and over again throughout my life and it always rings true with me. It is so true. I found in my 20 year career as a Real Estate profes...
Subscribe: iTunes | Sticher | Google PlayI’m in a hotel lobby right now somewhere in North America. And I just started thinking about something, and I was doing some reading and I thought: “You know what? This is a perfect podcast material.” There’s an epidemic going on right now in our world, in...
Subscribe: iTunes | Sticher | Google Play Hey Everybody – Are you in a place where you need to get your business off the ground? I know some Real Estate agents that have been in the business 2 months, and 2 years that feel that way….You are not alone…. Today I am going to talk about how to get yo...

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