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Welcome to Wisonsin's Northwoods! We offer the classic Northwoods' experieince with our lakes and forests. Come up to fish or enjoy our lakes. In the winter, we offer the finest snowmobile trails anywhere. All of this is enhanced by our small town hospitatilty that defines Wisconsin's Northwoods.
  Steady as it goes.  When you look at the past 4 years of unit listings and sales in Vilas and Oneida Counties, we have never seen a period where unit sales remained so regular as the past 6 months.  May had sales of 128 units, June 123, July 119, August 130, September 121, and October 122 units...
Have you ever seen more negativity? Negative Obama ads.  Negative McCain ads.  Negative stories on real estate.  Negative stories on Wall Street.  Negative stories on the 24 hour news cycle.  Negative, negative negative. Is it any wonder that things are going, well in the negative direction? A bi...
Heard this one:  "I want to buy at the bottom." I suppose I can be a smart guy and say that I have no town, county, neighborhood or lake named the bottom.  The real estate market is not unlike the stock market in that the rules of buy low and sell high still apply.  Likewise, you should never try...
Whatever your politcal persuasion. Please have your candidate refrain from drooling over my vote.  Also, please stop promising the moon, stars, and the rest of the galaxy. Senator Obama, I don't believe you and your party's allegations that Senator McCain is going to reduce Medicaid, Medicare or ...
"When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced.  Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries and you rejoice."  Native American Saying
There are those who doubt the real estate market.  I will admit to you that there certainly is volatility in the Northwoods' real estate market at this time.  By most measures, volume is down approximately 35-40% in 2008 from 2007.  In contrast, values have not fallen. Previous postings will poin...
     On this chart, we track the average selling price of homes on and off water in Vilas and Oneida Counties.  We have seen softness in the numbers of active buyers but have we seen reduction in the values?  On the surface, we can look at reductions in both Vilas and Oneida County off-water.  Th...
A more mixed feeling after this weekend.  Bad news first; Bad as in Badgers.  A team that just three weeks ago held so much promise that it was ranked 8th nationally in both polls.  After this week's debacle at Camp Randall, this team will be lucky if it wins another game!  The defense?  Nonexist...
Its never easy to be a Cheesehead sports fan.  Saturday, it was the Bad,Bad Badgers turn to rip out our hearts and stamp them on the ground.  They had Michigan beat in the Big House last week until the receivers' hands turned to stone.  This week, they had the lead in the 4th quarter and they mad...
    The below average trend continued in September.  The Sold Units curve remains flat from the months of April through September.  The cyclical peak that we normally see during the summer months is definitely missing in 2008.  Which market is most affected?  It appears as though the lake home ma...

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