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Welcome to Wisonsin's Northwoods! We offer the classic Northwoods' experieince with our lakes and forests. Come up to fish or enjoy our lakes. In the winter, we offer the finest snowmobile trails anywhere. All of this is enhanced by our small town hospitatilty that defines Wisconsin's Northwoods.
     Is the bottom here?  Possibly but by the looks of the chart it appears that we may be in the negative for some time yet.  However, the volume of sales is still so very low, it is impossible to come up with any definitive conclusions. Sales volume remains low with 30 homes sold thus far on-wa...
    Not great but headed in the right direction!  We now are showing a positive trend.  50 units sold in March and 76 units sold in April.  That is still well below previous March and Aprils:  2008 saw70 and 77, 2007 had 95 and 166 and 2006 had135 and 148.  So, we are not anywhere near the volume...
   Rather intimidating!  This is what I use to monitor average home values here in the Northwoods.  This looks at the average home value in these 4 segments, Oneida County On-Water, Oneida County Off-Water, Vilas County On-Water and Vilas County Off-Water.  What we are seeing are price reductions...
     Ahhh Spring!  Nothing like snow and cold to welcome in spring!  We know all about climate change here in the Northwoods!  Real estate sales have been on the cool side as well.  I have no doubt that the present state of the economy has many potential buyers still on the sidelines.  The cold a...
    We reached (perhaps not the best choice of words) a new low for unit sales in February.  40 units sold in the month and that is the lowest monthly volume that we have experienced in the past 10 years.  I can speculate as to the cause: the economy and the very cold weather. Last February was l...
  I won't be like Jim Kramer or other television pundits who regularly arouse the audience with sell off everything and put cash under the mattress.  Is the sky falling?  Are prices plummeting?   When you look at the average figures, one can begin to come to conclusions.  This is my first look a...
If groundhogs had shades, they would have them here.  In these parts, we normally get another 10 weeks of winter.  We would be ecstatic with 6 weeks.  However, we snowmobile here.  We ice fish here.  We snowshoe and ski here so winter is an integral part of our life. Yesterday, spring training st...
In speaking with a neighbor who experienced some heart difficulty last month: "Its better to be seen than viewed".  
Barack Obama is quite charismatic.  He reminds me very much of JFK.  If there ever were a time that we needed an energetic, charismatic leader, now would be the time.  Kennedy asked not what can your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Thomas Jefferson, far from being ch...
I realize that 78% of this country would rather have a colonoscopy than say anything positive about the outgoing President.  I present some information that you may not be aware of:  •-          The President pointed out as early as 2001 that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were headed toward an econo...

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