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What do you do when a broker goes rogue? Go balistic? Turn over to the authorities? There is a case of a broker with about 100 agents who gets agents commisions and do not pay them. The state real estate commission takes up to six months to institute an investigation and the perpetrator is long g...
In these hard economic times, it is not amusing that the support for the major fuel running the associations, association executives and the NAR itself, is not adjusting to the times. The NAR first called the shots by saying it is increasing its membership fees. Tou have the association executive...
With the news released to day on the housing market, there doesn't seem to be a lot of optimism on the market. The tax code need to be re-worked. At this rate the recession will never be over. The housing market drives the economy, and without housing being revived we are stuck.
Today is a day when we reflect on those who gave their lives for what they believed in. Men and women of valor who stood up to defend this country from internal destruction and external aggression. This being a day of reflection I ponder on those who have taken the liberty for granted, and have n...
I know this may be a controvercial issue, but its been on my mind. Most licensing authorities have the minimum standard for getting a real estate license as being minimum age 18 or 21 as the adult maturity age may be for that state. They also impose a minimum continuing education requirement for ...
All the hoopla about end times have come and gone. What about real estate? Would someone come up with a crystal ball prediction on when this rut will end. Without ral estate rebounding, the labor market will continue to girate up and down. What jolt can or should the government do? I have an answ...
Cobb says its finally gottten a superintendent? I pray he has some good answers and plans to return the school district to its good days? The problem with education in the county as with the whole of GA generally is that little or no yardstick is in place to monitor and reward excellence. Budgets...
I have read that contrary to opinion of real estate agents all over the country that NAR's timing of the fee increase for membership is at a wrong time, they went ahead and incresed the fee. I would join or pay fees for an association if 1) It contributes to my success. When I was a rookie agent ...
With changing political lanscapes I have observed that that which should be sacrosant, education is always the toy of politicians. Teachers and students always bear the brunt of political bickering and tug of wars. When will we learn not to make future generational education a ploy? Redistricting...
In an ever changing world I am thankful for one thing, when there are layoffs and closings, that is one area an agent is not directly affected. But an agent is part of the environment in which they operate. The success or failure will depend on their adaptation and willingness to deal with the si...

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