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Real Estate Agent - Galleria International Realty is primary blog. But I will repost RE related blogs here.
What I am about to share with you is what I believe to be the most valuable tool for credit-challenged people.  It’s a website that will give you just about all you need to improve credit. Our credit scores determine so much for us that one slip up and scores drop.  But it’s not as simple as that...
With the slowdown in most markets, a common question that potential buyers have is whether to make the plunge and buy or if they should continue to rent. In many cases buying is the right thing to do, but there are situations when continuing to rent is the right choice. This article from the NY T...
How many times have you spoken with a person who has climbed out of a financial hole and closed a credit card (or two) in order to increase his/her credit score?  I cringe every time I hear that!  In most cases it does NOT help your credit score to close off your cards. The exact formula for det...
I understand the need to create a buzz when writing an article, however I feel some publishers mislead with their headlines.  I wrote to Money once over a headline that did not in any way convey the message in the article.  The author responded and informed me that the editors did that (I noticed...
As we enter the information age, it is very easy for anyone to pick up a newspaper or browse the internet to find information on mortgages. And given that there are so many types of loans available, the uninformed can easily get confused. So it is the responsibility of loan officers and writers ...

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Contact The Author is primary blog. But I will repost RE related blogs here.