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Real Estate Agent - Galleria International Realty is primary blog. But I will repost RE related blogs here.
One of the wonderful traits of Americans (and to some extent humanity as a whole) is our ability to forgive those who transgress.  How many entertainers have screwed up and apologized?  We forgive them.  How many politicians?  We forgive them.  Evangelicals mess up and are forgiven.  We as a peo...
Calling on all Simon Conway detractors to get on the phones and call your congressman.  Call INS, call DHS.  Send emails and load up the fax machines.  It's your last chance to keep this Londoner at bay.  After tomorrow's swearing in, we'll have to accept him as one of our own.  We might not like...
                                         I received an email today from a development in Orlando (one of the standard emails we receive marketing various projects) but this one read "23% Commission" in the subject and nothing else.  Of course I was intrigued   Upon opening it I see that it indeed...
                                                                                            For a number of months now the primaries have largely been devoid of race issues.  Sure there's talk of Barack Obama being the 1st President of color, there's was the hiccup of Reverend Wright, but race ha...
I am not the one who penned this, however I got a good laugh so I'm sharing. The George W Bush Presidential Library is now in the planning stages.  You'll want to be the first at your corporation to make a contribution to this great man's legacy.The Library will include:The Hurricane Katrina Room...
Rainers, I have incredible news for everyone!!  How many times have we talked about and tried to combat the continuous negative press about most real estate markets?  Imagine my surprise when I ran into the following article just printed on CNN/Money:
Today's Miami Herald has an article stating that State lawmakers are meeting soon and will likely cut $350M from funding for schools.   To me, education is one of the most important things so this doesn't sit well with me.  School funding comes from sales tax and the economy has not been so hot. ...
On Tuesday, residents of Hollywood, Florida's 1st District will vote for a new commissioner.  Here's a link to the Miami Herald's summary of the candidates:    Yesterday I grabbed the mail and sat down to sort it.  In the stack was an 8x11 bi-fold...
   How often do you call and agent for a showing and not receive a response?  It happened to me on twice this week on two different transactions by the same agent(s)!  I had an appointment on Tuesday to take a client out to see rentals so I made all my calls Monday afternoon.  I noticed an agent ...
Did anyone else read the blurb in the FAR Early Bird news yesterday about agents feeling more comfortable with brokerages owned by their lenders as opposed to some of the larger well-known banks?  I will repost part of it here: "A survey done last month of more than 2,400 real estate agents by Ca...

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Contact The Author is primary blog. But I will repost RE related blogs here.