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  The North shores in Miami-Dade, Florida have some great real estate to offer.  Many of the appartment complexes and vacation rentals are priced at some reasonable rates.  They are recently down at a -4.2%, which is is at a great time to buy.  Clients of mine love this area, with almost 60,000 r...
  Palmetto Bay in Miami-Dade, Florida is a great place to do real estate in.  The property values are primarily at a reasonable price and the city is beautiful.  I manage three properties here and also show homes in most of the areas.  I often reccomend this area to many of my clients.  Great pla...
 Bal Harbour, in Miami-Dade, Florida, is a great place to relocate to with Collins Avenue, also demarked as as Florida State Highway A1A running the main traffic south to north.  Many clients who travel back and for to work like this area for its convenient location.  Also many people love it's b...
 Homestead, Located in Miami-Dade, Florida is the second oldest city next to the City of Miami. It is located approximately 35 miles southwest of the city of Miami, and 25 miles northeast of Key Largo. Doing Real Estate here is great because it is a beautiful city with a great location. Also as o...
 I've gained some new properties in the village of El Portal in Miami-Dade, Florida.  The property there has surprised me lately because I have found some great home prices for sale.  Many of my client are relocating here and are happy with the nice location and the prices.  I highly recommend th...
 The city of Hialeah located in Miami-Dade, Florida is a great area to recommend to clientele looking for a nice community.  I often recommend this to middle-income families who are looking to relocate.  Hialeah is a working class city, with quite, safe, suburban neighborhoods and bustling gritty...
 The market in Miami-Dade, Florida has been doing fabulous in 2008, despite the crunch on the economy.  My property market in Texas usually is more profitable, but lately Miami has been pulling in more and more customers.  Many of my vacation rentals and homes have gone up double.  Great news for...
 I love to reccomend many of my clients to the cultural community of Coconut Grove in Miami-Dade, Florida.  Well known for it's restaurants, open air cafes, and it's also convenient for boaters because the eastern border of Coconut Grove is Biscayne Bay.  You can find some great homes for sale wi...
   Don't you love selling and recommending homes in Florida?  I am a property manager that works all over the nation, but I do have my roots here in the great state of Florida, and to work back in my home town here here in Miami, Florida is the greatest reward of all.  Florida is truly a state of...
 The Townhomes at Sunset Harbour in Dade County, Miami Beach, Florida are a great place for couples to look at who are just starting out.  I often recommend these to many of my clients that are just starting out or are single.  They are located in a great, convenient area.  Great townhomes! 

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