ActiveRain Success Stories

Kathleen Koulouris (Re/Max Associates): Real Estate Agent in Sewell, NJ Kathleen Koulouris (Re/Max Associates) said almost 12 years ago,
"Active Rain has made me more interactive with other professionals. I have learned many things and continue to learn. I also gained a listing referral and hope to gain many more clients and acquaintances through this site."
the Chris & Lisa Grus Team, GRI, e-PRO (Premier Realty Exclusive): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Saint Louis, MO the Chris & Lisa Grus Team, GRI, e-PRO (Premier Realty Exclusive) said almost 12 years ago,
"ActiveRain is one of my key resources in understanding the market and sharing perspectives with other professionals. As a student of life, I am constantly thinking about what I can research and learn about. In so doing, I provide that information in blog posts to help others understand what is going on in real estate. One thought I constantly have is that I don't have enough time to research EVERYTHING, and that's where my professional connections in ActiveRain come in handy."
Colleen Sisson (John L Scott Boise): Real Estate Agent in Boise, ID Colleen Sisson (John L Scott Boise) said almost 12 years ago,
"Networking is the key to every successful business today. I am a firm believer that when networking partners can help each other out instantly, your business will grow in leaps and bounds. I want to be your source for all things real estate in southwest Idaho. I want to have networking partners in real estate from all points to refer business."
iForce Nutrition: Services for Real Estate Pros in Balcom, IL iForce Nutrition said almost 12 years ago,
"When used in combination with with a healthy lifestyle that includes both working out and maintaining a proper diet, fat burners are a very effective way to boost your overall health and can even improve mood. Be sure that you closely follow the dosage instructions that come with the fat burner that you choose."
Dave Woodson, Not the Average Agent (Dave Woodson): Real Estate Agent in Chesterton, IN Dave Woodson, Not the Average Agent (Dave Woodson) said almost 12 years ago,
"I have several times been recognized at Real Estate Shows for my blog. I have been invited to speak at several REBar Camps. Plus, when someone needs an Indiana loan done they tend to call the guy on the top of the list and that is me."
Dean Carver (United Brokers Group/Carver Home Team): Real Estate Agent in Ahwatukee, AZ Dean Carver (United Brokers Group/Carver Home Team) said almost 12 years ago,
"We've enjoyed learning and contributing through this forum. We've also met a lot of great people -- consumers and agents alike! We're looking forward to meeting more people, exchanging information and providing great service for valued referral clients!"
Lorna Presswood (Elite Texas Properties ): Real Estate Agent in Galveston, TX Lorna Presswood (Elite Texas Properties ) said almost 12 years ago,
"I've really enjoyed ActiveRain. It has brought a lot of communication regarding real estate and the lifestyle of living in Galveston, as well as a great community to learn and grow in real estate. I've always enjoyed hearing from consumers and other Realtors regarding their thoughts and comments. It's been great and I highly recommend ActiveRain to anyone wanting to learn more about real estate in general, or their local area."
Laurie C. Bailey-Gates, ABR, SFR (Robert Paul Properties): Real Estate Agent in Barnstable, MA Laurie C. Bailey-Gates, ABR, SFR (Robert Paul Properties) said almost 12 years ago,
"I have been on ActiveRain for two years now and I find it to be a great platform for getting my content out to the world to see. It really has the best connection for being number one in the Google search engine and it really is great for Localism in my neighborhood. I believe with the right commitment ActiveRain is the best tool to use for Social Networking and to grow my business."
bigprofit buzz: Services for Real Estate Pros in White Hill, NC bigprofit buzz said almost 12 years ago,
"If you would like to try our Equity and Commodity tips trial for 2 days, then complete the trial form (button below). Within 24 hours (usually much sooner) you will receive our trial."
marguerite beaty (OWN Realty): Real Estate Agent in Miami, FL marguerite beaty (OWN Realty) said almost 12 years ago,
"October 10, 2012
My first day with ActiveRain!"
Hazy Oberski, Asheville, NC (RE/MAX Four Seasons Realty): Real Estate Agent in Asheville, NC Hazy Oberski, Asheville, NC (RE/MAX Four Seasons Realty) said almost 12 years ago,
"I have only blogged a few times because the truth is I don't really know what I am doing! But...I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago and received an email from someone who had a downtown condo. I got the listing and am suppose to write an offer on it tomorrow. Thank you Active Rain!
I am back to blogging on Active Rain and love it. Have already received business from my blog my second week. Have had many other Active Rain bloggers stop by to welcome me back. JaneAnne Narrin is my mentor and fellow blogger. Thanks for getting me started again! Rebecca Gaujot even took the time to call me and offer some much needed tips and advice. Thank you Rebecca."
Thomas University (Thomas University): Real Estate Agent in Guysie, GA Thomas University (Thomas University) said almost 12 years ago,
"Thomas University is a four-year co-educational university that serves the post-secondary educational needs of south Georgia and north Florida."
Barrett Angel (Treatment for tinnitus miracle): Real Estate Agent in North Creek, NY Barrett Angel (Treatment for tinnitus miracle) said almost 12 years ago,
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Jacob Afghan: Real Estate Agent in Jacob Afghan said almost 12 years ago,
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tony zhang ( Title Insurance in Bel Air, CA tony zhang ( said almost 12 years ago,
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Bonnie Kappler, GRI,  Copperopolis,  Ca (Century 21  Lake Tulloch): Real Estate Agent in Copperopolis, CA Bonnie Kappler, GRI, Copperopolis, Ca (Century 21 Lake Tulloch) said almost 12 years ago,
"I have to update my successs with Active Rain. It has been great. I have had 2 appointments and written one contract as a direct result of my blog. WOW I am going to the conference early in Dec. and can't wait!"
Lester Wilkins (Blue Water Home Loans NMLS# 166527): Mortgage and Lending in Port Huron, MI Lester Wilkins (Blue Water Home Loans NMLS# 166527) said almost 12 years ago,
"I have connected with other professionals around the country and have been able to utilize their services and insight. Active Rain is an extremely useful tool in my office. Also, it has been helpful to direct colleagues to Active Rain to help educate them on industry related issues. Active Rain helps me keep up to date and stay on the cutting edge of what is going on in the housing industry. I have used information to improve my personal blog. Also, I am starting to receive good leads through relationships I have established on Activerain. I have recently closed several deals as a result of relationships that I have established on Activerain! I just closed yet another loan as a direct result from a relationship I built through Activerain! I love this site!"
Jacob Sahavan (Protect Your Business Name in Canada): Real Estate Agent in Enon, OH Jacob Sahavan (Protect Your Business Name in Canada) said almost 12 years ago,
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ACS IndustrialServices (ACS Industrial Services Inc): Real Estate Agent in Hunt Valley, MD ACS IndustrialServices (ACS Industrial Services Inc) said almost 12 years ago,
"ACS Industrial Services is a mid-size, third-party electronics repair firm headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland. We provide expert repair services for virtually all types of commercial and industrial electronic equipment."
David Dohman (North Pacific Financial NMLS#302270): Mortgage and Lending in Lake Oswego, OR David Dohman (North Pacific Financial NMLS#302270) said almost 12 years ago,
"ActiveRain has opened my eyes to the world of internet marketing, blogging and search engines."